We are absolutely committed to providing you with the very best, high end mobility scooter at the best possible price. It must fit our stringent criteria of being easy to use, compact, light, robust, highly convenient, reliable, and life changing!

We have been so impressed with Luggie we have dedicated this site solely to this amazing folding mobility scooter. Our mission is to deliver to you warehouse direct, the best travel mobility scooter in the world at the lowest price possible.

We initially came into existence by designing and producing electric folding bicycles in 2008, continuously upgrading and improving. We then expanded to also provide our customers with Luggie Mobility Scooters. We now concentrate on Luggie, as we have seen first – hand, how Luggie has improved the quality of people’s lives.

Luggie is so unique and by far the easiest folding travel scooter available. As a globally recognized brand, Luggie has received excellent reviews and testimonials from customers around the world.

Pictured below is Managing Director Steve O'Connell during a factory visit: