I’m often asked questions associated with taking Luggie when travelling by air.

First of all let me just say that Luggie was purpose designed for all modes of major travel, and ease of transportation. Our customers travel all over the world with their Luggie. Safety issues revolve around the lithium battery. As I understand the current guidelines are, if you are transporting a mobility scooter and it uses a lithium battery, it must be less than 300 w/h. This is arrived at by multiplying the voltage by the ah. Luggie batteries are well below this.  The lithium battery must be removed from Luggie, and stored separately. One of Luggie accessories is the battery bag designed for this purpose. If you don’t have a battery bag, the box that the lithium battery came with can be used. Then place the battery in the over - head compartment. Sometimes the airline will request a copy of the MSDS ( material safety data sheet), regarding technical information on the lithium battery. If you need this we can email it to you.

It’s best to contact the airline in advance of your departure date to let them know, you’ll be travelling with Luggie. Sometimes you can ride Luggie right up to the departure gate. Then it can go into the cabin and stowed with the push chairs and strollers.

If Luggie needs to go in the luggage hold of the aircraft, always make sure it’s in its half folded position, not fully folded. That is with the chassis extended, the tiller locked, and the seat lowered over the chassis. Tie a luggage strap around the seat and chassis to prevent the back of the seat from lifting up. In this position the seat protects the handle bar console. Happy travelling..