When it comes to comparing Luggie to other electric portable mobility scooters in the market, there are particular questions that need to be answered.

So I thought I'd list a few points to help streamline the process.

Is it light weight? Luggie is 23.5 kg excluding battery, which is very light weight compared to many others on the market.

Is it a one piece design or do you need to dismantle parts for transportation? This is really important because when travelling you're often in a situation where you have to do things quickly. The last thing you want is to be fiddling around trying to put components together. You'll find that most other brands have to be dismantled and put back together. Luggie is a one piece design that folds in seconds.

Is it compact and highly portable when fully folded? Luggie rolls along like a travel suitcase when fully folded on transport wheels. Length fully folded is 66cm, width 46cm. Great for cruises!

Tight turning radius to safely navigate small areas? Yes.

Do you have a proper platform to place your feet, and not just a bar? Luggie has the same type of foot platform you'd expect from bigger mobility scooters.

Are armrests available if needed? Armrests come with Luggie Elite, and are an optional extra for Standard Luggie and Eco Luggie.

Does the scooter go in reverse? All Luggie models have a reverse function.

Big comfortable seat? Yes.

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For a comprehensive guide on specs refer to Luggie specifications on our website.