Luggie was purpose designed to be a highly portable mobility scooter. Easy one piece folding that literally takes seconds either way.

This opens up opportunities for travel like never before. Be it going on a cruise, taking a flight, or simply going out to the shopping centre, Luggie comes into it's own. But one aspect of Luggie's amazing design that is often overlooked is the ability to fold Luggie in the half folded position, i.e. (with the chassis folded out and the seat lowered down). There are two great benefit of this to the user. The first is enabling the user to make use of the leverage by leaning Luggie against the boot of the car when loading in the car. The second is this position substantially reduces the risk of damage when transporting in the luggage hold of the aircraft. You will find that other so called one piece portable mobility scooters on the market cannot do this, with no safe, satisfactory solution when travelling by air.

For video demonstrations of the Luggie half folded position, please refer to the gallery page on our website.