Luggie FAQ

Is Luggie easy to take with me when I travel by plane?

Yes. Luggie is compact, light - weight and highly portable. Luggie was purpose designed for all modes of major travel. Including, air, cruise, train, bus, car, etc

What is the procedure for taking Luggie with lithium battery on a plane?

Airline companies have different protocols for mobility scooters. It’s best to contact your airline company before departure so you know what to expect. Many will allow you to ride Luggie right up to the departure gate, where it can be stowed in the cabin with the prams and push chairs. You must remove the lithium battery from Luggie. The battery can then go in the overhead compartment. We have a battery bag for this purpose. Refer accessories. If Luggie needs to go in the cargo hold it’s best to have it in the half folded position with the seat lowered but the chassis extended. Fasten a luggage strap around the seat and chassis.

What is the procedure for taking Luggie with lead acid battery (Eco Luggie) on a plane?

Have Eco Luggie in its half folded position (chassis extended and seat lowered). keep the SLA battery inserted but important; unplug the battery (insulate), the red plug. Refer to pictures on Luggie Gallery Page.

Is Luggie easy to fold?

Folding and un-folding simply takes seconds to do. Luggie is a unique one piece design. No parts to dismantle, no tools required. Perfect for travel.

Is Luggie easy to load into the boot or back seat of the car?

Yes. Most customers have no difficulty in doing this. An easier way is to load Luggie in the half folded position, making good use of the leverage. Refer video demonstrations.

How often do I need to recharge the lithium battery?

We recommend that you recharge the battery when it’s down to less than a third charge or so, or top up after daily use. When in storage the lithium battery must be recharged at least once per month to prevent over discharge of the lithium battery which can result in battery failure

How often do I need to recharge the lead acid battery (SLA)?

Charge the SLA batteries completely before driving the Luggie for first time and every time thereafter

How long does the lithium battery last?

The Luggie has an extremely efficient electric system. Batteries are high performance light weight Lithium, similar to your mobile phone battery. You’ll get a few hundred recharges out of the battery under normal conditions if the battery is looked after, which usually equates to three years or so

Can the scooter go in reverse?


Does the scooter have a free wheel facility?


How do I go with maintenance?

Annual service maintenance is recommended to keep Luggie in tip top condition. We have a network of service centres throughout Australia. Please contact us for details

What is the warranty?

The manufacturer (Freerider Corp) guarantees that it’s mobility scooters are free from defects in materials and workmanship. The structural frame has a warranty for two years.  Motor, transaxle, brake assembly, electronic components, wire harness, battery, charger, all have a warranty for 12 months. This warranty does not cover any consumable items, or issues arising from normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect, or improper use. Please note: the lithium battery is not covered under this warranty for faults or battery failure due to over discharge of the battery

Do you carry spare parts?

Yes we always carry spare parts.

If I purchase directly from you how can Luggie be serviced?

We will direct you to the nearest service centre

How easy is Luggie to move around once it’s folded?

Ultra easy. Luggie rolls along like a travel suitcase

Where is Luggie manufactured and where is it sold?

Luggie is manufactured by Freerider Corp in Taiwan. It is sold globally and is very popular, especially in England, Europe and America. Luggie has received excellent reviews and testimonials from customers around the world.

Why don’t you operate an automated shopping cart system through your website?

We want to make sure that all your questions are answered properly and that you have a good understanding of suitability issues before ordering. This is best done over the phone.

Do you stock the latest current models?


Does Luggie come with arm-rests?
Included with Luggie Elite and Luggie Super, optional with Standard Luggie, and Eco Luggie.

What is the difference between Eco Luggie, Standard Luggie, and Luggie Elite?

Basically Eco Luggie comes with a heavier SLA battery instead of a light weight lithium battery. Luggie Elite comes with extra features and arm rests, Luggie Super is wider with a heavier weight load capacity, and also comes with armrests. For a comprehensive comparison refer to ‘Luggie model comparison chart.’

What colours are available?

Red, blue, black, champagne, yellow.

What if I order Luggie and it doesn’t suit my needs?

We run a 3 Day Trial which commences when you receive Luggie. These are the conditions:

1.    Order a Luggie and have it delivered direct to your home by courier free of charge
2.    Read the user manual to understand how Luggie operates and folds
3.    You may only test ride Luggie inside your home during the 3 day free trial
4.    If you decide within the three days that Luggie is not suitable for you, you may return Luggie to us in original packaging box
5.    We will waive the 15% restocking and admin fee
6.    Contact us to obtain return instructions
7.    You will only be responsible for paying return courier charges
8.    Once we have received Luggie and it passes inspection to ensure it’s in new and re-saleable condition, you will receive a full refund within 5 business days.