MY LUGGIE 

As a Post Polio Syndrome sufferer my legs have been getting weaker every year and completely failed me on several occasions. If I have to walk for any distance my legs become very weak, especially if I am tired. I also have a problem with balance. 

I am not one to let anything beat me and for the past few years, knowing my legs would only get worse, I have been looking for a suitable mobility scooter. I needed something that was easily transportable and would go anywhere. I also needed to be able to handle it myself. 

I had tried two scooters that I thought might work. The first needed ramps to get it in the car and the other was a mobile chair which had to be taken apart into four pieces to transport. Neither of these worked for me. 

I looked everywhere to find what I wanted without success until I found an article about the “Luggie” I was excited! My search was over. 

The “Luggie” is a lightweight mobility scooter which can be easily folded but best of all I can get in and out of the car easily without assistance. This means I can take my “Luggie” and go anywhere on my own without assistance from anyone. My “Luggie” has given me back my freedom and I love it. 

Estelle Packer




The Luggie is the best scooter that we have bought, my wife finds it so maneuverable especially when shopping in super markets. It folds up so easy to transport, we have taken it on cruises and a five week trip to the UK. My wife finds it comfortable enough to sit on when we go to concerts we would recommend it to anyone.


Sally & Bryan 



"I purposely looked for a small, compact, foldable scooter, which was also lightweight. The Luggie fits the bill. It can be folded up without removing parts so it all stays together when being transported. Very simple to use, and will fit into very small aisles in shops, turns easily, just about on itself.  It has been an excellent purchase, and I would seriously recommend the Luggie to anyone needing a lightweight, compact mobility scooter."   Barbara Gregory, Brisbane



I've had my Luggie mobility scooter for about 15 months now and I absolutely love it. I've named it Zippy, it's a red one and everyone knows that red ones go faster!  The battery lasts really well and on particularly long days I take the charger and someone will always let me plug it in while I have a meal or a coffee. 


Before I got Zippy my life was becoming more and more restricted, I felt like my horizons were shrinking, but Zippy has given me the most marvellous freedom.  I feel like I've got my life back. 


I can easily manage getting it in and out of the car by myself, it not very heavy, but it's wonderful how often someone will come to help me, I've had some lovely encounters that way. I go on trains and ferries into the city to meet friends, I no longer dread going somewhere new or to big places like shopping centres or hospitals because I know I can get around. Last year I went on a cruise to New Zealand and shore excursions were such fun because I was only restricted by steps. The staff on every kind of transport I've been on have been so helpful and a lot of other people are friendly and kind instead of just being self absorbed and in a rush. 


I did a lot of looking around before I chose the Luggie. The way it folds up, the size, weight and manoeuvrability were major factors in my choice. I then priced them everywhere I could and Steve at Ezy Commuter was the best. As well as that he was so helpful and everything went so smoothly that I am happy to recommend this company. 


Tonia Scott, Epping, NSW. 





"My husband and I are huge Luggie fans!  We purchased our Luggie Elite to facilitate our ability to attend a very special 50 year reunion in the UK.   We couldn't have managed without it and it posed no problems on any flights and made all the difference to our enjoyment of our 6 weeks away in the UK and Queensland. 


Our Luggie lives in our car, to be ready to use whenever my husband feels he can't manage a situation, walking.  We charge it in the car, from a power point in our carport. 


In every way, it really couldn't be easier and is of huge assistance to our lifestyle! 




Mosman NSW"




“I love, love, love my Luggie! I purchased it from you after seeing an ad in the Readers Digest magazine and then checking it out on-line where I met you. I bought the Luggie to take on holiday overseas and only had time to try it out once in a Mall here in S.A. before I flew out to Dubai.

The first time I truly tried it out was in West Lakes Mall. For the first time in years I was able to travel around the whole Mall. Prior to my Luggie I was unable to go shopping as I could not stand still for any length of time and could not walk around a Mall. With my Luggie I was able to shop for new clothes to take on holiday and I had such fun, I was able to enjoy the process of looking for and trying on new clothes. My sister said she watched me coming down the length of the Mall and I was smiling from ear to ear. She said I looked relaxed and happy for the first time in years. I can tell you that that was my first truly happy memory of shopping in years. All because I was no longer in pain and could move about independently and freely for as long as I wished.

We then flew to Dubai. If you have travelled to Dubai you will know how massive their Malls are, well our hotel was also massive, covering a huge area of land. Well I rode my Luggie around like a King. I heard children ask if they could have a go to their parents! We then flew on to the UK, Ireland, Germany and back to the UK before returning home via Dubai again. I rode my Luggie all over Berlin and loved it, although their kerbs are harsh! It is so great riding my Luggie. Instead of walking with my head down and being in constant pain, I was enjoying seeing the sights. Pretty much everywhere is wheelchair accessible so there was no where I couldn't go. I had a marvelous time because of my Luggie.

With regard to flights, we used the hard case on the long haul flights but the short flights in Europe, I was able to roll right up to the aircraft. We then collapsed the Luggie and the staff took it and put it in the hold where it would be first out and waiting for me after landing. It was so easy to travel with.

Having been back home for the last 9 months Luggie has been indispensable. Apart from supermarket shopping, walks, Malls, etc, where Luggie makes my life easy, we also have a 1/2 acre garden which is pretty huge, especially if you have to stand to water. As I am the family gardener I found this a very difficult task and would be in a huge amount of pain. My Luggie has saved me from that too. I move around our dirt driveway, across the grass, carry tools, water, hoses, buckets of sandy loam, etc etc etc. I do so much with Luggie it's almost impossible to mention everything here in my email. My life would be miserable without my Luggie.

In addition to the above, I have been stopped 3 times in the Malls by people fascinated by Luggie. I am still young at heart 57 and not old enough for a mobility scooter (pensioner style). I wanted something a little more trendyish. If I had to have a scooter I didn't want it to look like one! Very vain, yes! But here Luggie wins through again. Then one day in Bunnings garden plant section a lady stopped me to talk about Luggie and actually asked me if she could have a go? How many people get asked by a stranger if someone can ride their mobility scooter, I bet there isn't any other. I have now been asked twice, which is pretty amazing in itself.

To conclude, my Luggie is absolutely the best thing we have ever purchased and I truly couldn't live without it. It has given me my life back and enabled me to really enjoy things in life that I thought I had lost! Thank you Steve, you put up with a lot of questions before we purchased. I was unsure prior to purchase, but having owned one for almost a year I am truly truly delighted with my Luggie and I never leave home without it.

With sincere thanks,

Sue P, WA

“My name is Lisa, I have had MS for 16 years and the disease has predominantly affected my walking and balance so I have needed to use walkers and wheelchairs for many years. I have had a Luggie for about 2 years and it has been great. I have always wanted to remain as independent as possible and not let the MS slow me down.

The Luggie has given me more freedom and quality of life. Even with my balance difficulties I have come up with ways to get the Luggie in and out of my car by myself. I would highly recommend the Luggie to anyone. It is the most compact and portable scooter that I have seen.

Lisa R, Mitchelton Brisbane“

”Firstly, we (my wife and I, she is the user of the Luggie) are delighted with the performance of the scooter and it has exceeded our expectations in terms of maneuverability, ease of use, portability, performance, set up and much more.”

FYI, last November we went on a cruise from Sydney to Singapore. My wife was very pleased to have Luggie to drive around the ship and take on off shore excursions. Luggie created a lot of interest, it was the only one on board and presented so much better than other brands of scooters also on the ship.

Stephen H Denistone NSW “

“I have used my Luggie a few times when cruising onboard Princess line cruises, also used it extensively to get around Singapore. Both in the Orchard Road shopping precinct and the Gardens by the Bay complex, which is huge. This included taking it up in the lift to to the skywalk. On the last cruise over Christmas i had a few enquiries about it and could have sold it three times with one lady insisting I go back to her cabin so that her husband could arrange payment immediately.

On each occasion I gave them your web site details, so I would not know if they did indeed follow it up. I have nothing but praise for the Luggie, the airlines handle it without any hassles. Both domestic and international. Taxis have not been a problem, in Singapore we simple folded it in with the seat and handle control down, then placed it in the boot.

Ken Miller, TAS“

” My wife and I have just returned from a 23 day cruise on Queen Mary and wish to say how invaluable our Luggie was not only on the ship but also on shore. I was able to use the Luggie to commute to all parts and venues of a very large ship with ease and also use the sloping gangway with confidence and safety. Turning the Luggie around in dining areas and disabled toilets, etc posed little or no problems due to the Luggie’s excellent turning circle, similarly when using the numerous elevators on the ship.

I received many inquiries and positive comments from fellow passengers (from those using other scooter models as well). I might add I could have sold my Luggie several times over on the ship!

My nephew, Peter who has terminal cancer has also purchased a Luggie recently after seeing mine in operation.

The Luggie has given me a new sense of freedom and confidence because I can now carry it in the car and use it to commute whenever necessary without worrying about whether I could walk the distance or not.

Rodney Vanderwert Melbourne ”

“Hi Steve,

Have received the Luggie Elite and it is going well. What a great machine it is!

Thanks for the efficient service I will recommend this outstanding  scooter to my friends.

Best Regards

James Whitworth. NSW.”

“I have just completed travelling overseas on a 22 day cruise from Singapore through South East Asia and back to Singapore, then home to Hobart.

I packed my Luggie up in the hard case and the airlines carried it at no charge.

In Singapore it was invaluable, taking the footpaths and shopping centres in its stride. When on rare occasions we had to lug it down flights of stairs to road level, it was a breeze to partially fold up and carry down.

On the cruise ship it was simply heaven to use.At home, we just place it on the back seat of the car folded up.

Battery life was more than adequate for a full days use and more.

Was asked numerous times about it, both in hotels and on the cruise ship.

“Ken of Hobart”

“Hi Steve,

Just a short not to let you know how pleased we are with the Luggie scooter we recently purchased. My wife has  a larger scooter which would not fit in our car. So do we buy a new car? or some form of external hoist? – both options would be expensive and of questionable legality. The answer turned out to be the Luggie. It’s practicality and performance has exceeded our expectations.

. It folds down easily and transfers into our car boot without difficulty.

. It’s performance is great for shopping centers, theaters etc and for use on public transport.

. Because it is compact it fits into crowded restaurants easier than a manual wheelchair.

. With the tiller collapsed, my wife can sit at a table without anyone being aware she is in a


. The additional armrests and off board charger increase the safety and versatility enormously.

We often just leave the Luggie in the boot and take the battery pack inside for charging

Great for motels etc.

We look forward to travel on airlines. The small carry on battery will certainly facilitate this.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the Luggie to anyone looking for a lightweight folding scooter.

John and Pat Cartwright” Brisbane

Below is a global testimonial and for many more global testimonials type ‘ Luggie reviews’ or ‘ Luggie testimonials,’ etc, in Google search engine.

My Luggie Experience

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with an adult form of muscular dystrophy, a disabling condition that progressively reduces overall muscle strength and ability to walk. When my doctor recommended I get an electric motorized chair, I was more than a bit hesitant due to my relatively young age (49);

I didn’t want to look “old” riding one of the boring antiquated devices currently on the market.

Eventually, I came across the “Luggie” scooter on the internet made by the FreeRider Corporation.  It’s high-tech, modern, compact fold-down design was like none I had ever seen; it actually looked “cool”.  I then contacted one of the FreeRider representatives (Randy) who explained the product and its features and I decided to purchase one to give it a try.

Before getting my Luggie, I basically became a shut-in, as my condition prevented me from doing even the most basic things like going to the grocery store. Soon after receiving my Luggie scooter, my wife and I were able to go to the grocery together without me having to lean on her and my canes for walking support, which was a huge relief for the both of us.

The Luggie scooter not only looks good, but the fully adjustable and fluid hand controls and auto-braking feature make it very easy to operate and navigate in tight spaces. In addition, its lightweight design allows you to simply fold it up and store in the trunk of any car, truck or SUV.

Thanks to all the folks over at FreeRider for this great device – you have made me a customer for life!


Nick Yackanich – Lake Worth, Florida